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Welcome to Seven Homes.
As a private charitable Child Placing agency licensed by the State of North Carolina, we are working to find permanency for foster children either through reunification or adoption with a forever family. Please help, we need foster families, forever families, volunteers and your donation.


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We reach out across North Carolina to help children who are the victims of abuse, neglect and abandonment. 

We strive to improve the lives of children by placements that support their individual needs. 

Established in 1995, our only focus continues to be the the NC children and families involved in foster care.  Seven Homes is a uniquely equipped agency providing a wide range of managed placement support, activities, scholarships, and compassionate care.

In partnership with the NC Department of Social Services and through our diverse programs and services, Seven Homes provides licensed foster or pending adoptive parent with the training, tools, and compassionate support needed, to give each child in our care every chance to succeed.

Our ongoing priority will always be to provide the highest-quality care for the children placed in the homes of foster care and adoptive parents for each child in our program.

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Key Benefits of Our Program

Reduction of Multiple Placements: Seven Homes' primary goal is to reduce the number of placements a foster child has once they enter the foster care system. In North Carolina only 58% of children who had been in care 12 months or less have experienced 2 or fewer placements. This percentage is the second lowest in the U.S. The National Standard is 87%, Since 2007, Seven Homes has achieved 100% stability with zero placement disruptions. Seven Homes has worked diligently to eliminate the destructive practice of moving children from home to home.

Reduce the Amount of Time a Child Spends in Care: Seven Homes is committed to helping reduce the time a child spends in the foster care system. The goal is to have permanency within a year. To help meet this goal Seven Homes believes in stability of placement, aggressive uses of collaborative services, and direct communications with birth families.

The Establishment of a Permanent Family: Seven Homes believes a child needs a permanent family that will provide the stable, safe, nurturing and loving home all children need in order to grow and reach their full potential. Seven Homes believes this family can be found with the birth parents or relative placement within the child’s birth family. If this is not possible, then an adoptive family is our final goal.

Independent Living: Seven Homes also works with less unfortunate children that do not have a permanent family and can not find an adoptive family. These children will turn 18 and age out of the Social Services system. Annually it is estimated that 25,000 children nationally will age out of the system without a permanent home or family to help support them. To help children through this period in their lives Seven Homes provides independent living skills training and continued support after they leave care.

Seven Homes is a licensed child placing agency providing traditional family foster care, medically fragile therapeutic foster care, and adoption services for children in North Carolina. Seven Homes has offices located in High Point , Greenville, and soon the western region of North Carolina. Seven Homes provides care for and works with children and families throughout the State of North Carolina.


About Us

  • Child Care Placement
    Placement of a child into a foster family is a partnership between the birth family, County Departments of Social Services, and Seven Homes.

    This program is a partnership between the parent, child care provider, and 7 Homes. Services are provided in licensed foster homes, where foster parents receive ongoing training and guidance from 7 Homes to assure the highest-quality care for the children placed in their homes. Children that have to be placed separate from their birth-family benefit from the stable, structured, nurturing home environment provided by our foster families.

  • Individualized Family Support for Reunification
    Where possible, our
    staff educates, informs, and empowers birth families, and meets their diverse needs with a family-centered approach.  Our primary work focuses on the child and birth-parent relationship, helping to create a positive family environment.
  • Adoption Services
    When the safe return of the child to their birth family is not possible, an alternate permanent home is found for the child, including an adoptive family in most instances.

Fundraising FUN Event - Requested Gift List:

  • $50 for one child
  • $100 for 2 siblings
  • $250 for a Special Seven Homes Christmas Activity
  • $500 for the Christmas Beach Trip
  • $1,000 for support to our Seven Homes program


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