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Welcome to Seven Homes.
As a private charitable Child Placing agency licensed by the State of North Carolina, we are working to find permanency for foster children either through reunification or adoption with a forever family. Please help, we need foster families, forever families, volunteers and your donation.


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Family Resource Center
Many exciting special event & activities are currently planned
throughout 2014
for our children and families.  To review the
most current list of up-coming events call the office or check for the lastest news on our facebook page at following link:

Bulletin Board & Friends of Seven Homes
Event Photo Gallery - here
and also updated regularly on our Facebook page.

Special Partnership with
Forever Family
Across the country Forever Family communicates the need of children ready for adoption.  Together, Seven Homes has a common bond for helping future families unit.  To learn more about this important partnership, click here.  If you have any questions, please call us at 336-883-0207 to determine how we can help.
Trey's Story .... one of our own in the news.  See Trey's Forever Family story here.

Seven Homes has received a $10, 000 from
The Wachovia Wells Fargo Foundation.
See Press Release here.

Special Events:
Our Resent Videos - click on the icon links below:

 About Seven Homes


 One child's Story


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Also visit our Facebook page for other event videos

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Online Resource Links for our Parents
In order to help our parents with online training & continuing education certification, we have linked both online forms and other supportive reference sites here.

Special Workshops and MAPP Classes
Orientation and MAPP Classes are on-going.  You should call today at 336-883-0207 to register for initial orientation class to learn more. 

You may review HERE our current 2014 schedule.

So...what more can YOU do?

Too many children are getting lost, some of them never coming back. Others are not sure where the main road is or how to get through their day's journey. But - you can help us make a difference! How:

  • As a tax-exempt non-profit organization, your contributions are fully tax-deductible. Life insurance, bonds, real estate, stocks, and cash are ways to help us meet our needs. Memorial or honorary gifts, given in memory or honor of a friend, loved one, or relative, are contributions that go a long way in showing your concern and love.

  • Donations are very important to our programs. Please contact the Office at 1-(336) 883-3307 for a list of current items that are of special need.

Local Donations available

Seven Homes Foster Care & Adoption Agency is grateful for all financial support, as well as any new child learning and play material donations.  You may choose to do so directly using the on-line donation or mail a check direct to the office.

Other arrangements for donations can also be picked up by a local board member by first calling the office at 1-(336) 883-0207 or by email at support@7homes.org.

Requested Gift List:

  • $50 for one child
  • $100 for 2 siblings
  • $250 for a Special Seven Homes Christmas Activity
  • $500 for the Christmas Beach Trip
  • $1,000 for support to our Seven Homes program

Special welcome to our Newest Foster Family

Seven Homes would like to recognize our newest foster Families;

Brian & Cheryl A., Venica A., Luke & Frances A., Joe and Aixa B., Mike & Laura B., Michael & Victoria B., Latricia B., Chris & Janet D., Israel & Lizeth H/P, Chad & Mollie H., Candice I., Candance J., Dan & Becky J., John & Teresa J., Dan & Wendy M., Darrell & Peggy O., Todd & Tammy P., Carolyn P., Ronnie & Chonda S., Harold & Tonya S., Scott & Heather S., Jammey & Sonya T., Tom & Carolyn Y.

Seven Homes is sincerely excited to welcome these wonderful and committed parents to our agency.

This page is always changing  ...please check back soon!


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